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“Politically Lying Unholy Cowardly Killer” (System of a Down)

“I feel your pain – and I survive” (Suicidal Tendencies)


STories – Suicidal Stories: Alexander Schmidt (from The Wayback Machine, my entry no longer exists)

‘Hi, my name is Alexander Schmidt, I’m a 32-year-old film production manager from Berlin, Germany.

I’ve been suicidal since I guess 1991 or so, when a friend of mine introduced me to “Lights Camera Revolution” which, in combination with Body Count’s first album, played in my walkman almost all of the summer of` ’92.

I have been a fan since then, owning all of their older records including one that I bought from a record shop in Malibu Beach, Ca..

I have seen them live only once, 1996 in Munich, Germany, after I missed them at Berlin Wuhlheide, Germany, opening for Metallica in I guess 1993. That time in Munich they rocked the house, finishing with (as I think they always did) “Pledge your allegiance” which has been a constant part of all my “Best of” tapes/CDs/MP3s ever since.

I always felt pity that I don’t skate, having the impression I would not dive deep enough into the ST universe not knowing about skating. But all the songs I really loved from “Lost again” in ’92 to “How will I laugh…” today helped my through so many difficult situations in life that I can’t really thank Mike and the band enough for. The fact that my father committed suicide in ’90 is one of these situations but has in no way to do with me being a fan of Suicidal – and took place even before I became one. Alongside “How will I laugh…” which is the other all-time favourite song, I always sing the “Pledge your allegiance” lines “and when I die…[ST]you promise me…[ST]you will always be…[ST]” and it really helps!

I suppose I am gonna be ST all my life, and when it came to the decision which tattoo I wanted to have I thought long about having the ST logo tattooed. In the end, I preferred two other motives, but maybe my third will be a suicidal one…So long I have made T-Shirts sporting your (to me) most essential phrases “Suicidal for life”, “Join the army” and “How will I laugh tomorrow…[back side] when I can’t even smile today”.

I don’t like the new stuff so much as I do like the old (more metal) albums “Join the army”, “How willI laugh…” and “Lights Camera Revolution” but I’m glad you guys still rock! I think I’ll never loose touch with the music that had the deepest impression on me in my life and that I look forward to headbang to with my three sons when they are older.

Suicidal for life, Alex’